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A passion for multidisciplinary engineering in the wild, remote areas of Canada has fueled me throughout my career. The past decade has taken me all over BC and other remote regions of Canada, starting with working alongside NASA astrobiologists on fresh water microbialites that could hold the key to life on other planets, to mapping ancient underwater lava flows with vulcanologists in the Glacier fed lakes of Garibladi Provincial Park and rafting down the pristine rivers of the central coast supporting vital salmon research. My toolset has expanded immensely in the past few years by incorporating the use of drones into projects, yielding new perspectives for observing and analyzing problems across a wide swath of industries. This work has afforded me opportunities to conduct operations as far off as the Arctic Circle, fulfilling lifelong dreams to observe polar bears, beluga whales and narwhal.  I am continually excited to work with the wide variety of technologies that can be integrated with drones, and take full advantage of the newest automated techniques for data collection in this rapidly changing field.

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